Prep Zone provides a number of great opportunities for potential GMAT test takers to meet us and get started on their journey towards Business School for FREE.

Attend a FREE GMAT Intro session

Our weekly Intro sessions contain an introduction to GMAT question types and strategy, a conversation about business school admissions and an overview of GMAT Zone's various course options. To reserve your seat at an upcoming Intro session, simply call us at (65) 6222 3905 / (65) 6536 1308 or click here to fill out our online registration form.

Enrol for a FREE GMAT diagnostic test

Taking the diagnostic test will give you practical GMAT experience and a deeper understanding of the GMAT exam. After you have taken the diagnostic test, one of our consultants will help you devise a study plan and determine, based on your results, which of GMAT Zone’s course options fit you best.

Sign up for a FREE business school admissions consultation

Discuss your business school and career plans with one of our top MBA graduate admissions consultants, to help you solidify your b-school plan and ensure that you remain focused on the big picture. To arrange a free consultation, simply call us at (65) 6222 3905 / (65) 6536 1308 or click here to fill out our online registration form.
We open new GMAT group courses every two weeks or less, so you will attend a “make-up” class with another group at no additional charge. We recommend that students do their best to attend each class but we also do understand that GMAT test takers have a number of other responsibilities and will thus do our best to accommodate your unique circumstances.

We're different. When you register for a group course, you get unlimited access to all our group classes, in all our groups, forever. It's less of a purchase and more of a lifetime membership. Attend the same class as many times as you need to grasp the concepts completely! If you tell us your restrictions (e.g. "I can only come on Sun mornings" OR "I need to finish in two months" OR "I want to have a class once a month for the next 1 year"), we will come up with a personalised timetable for you. It's our headache to figure out the schedule. Just call (+65) 6222 3905 or (+65) 6536 1308 (24x7). We'll figure it out.

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